About WOS 0.8.6 Features Premium






  Stage Selector

The WOS stage selector is a convenient and user-friendly feature that allows users to quickly and easily navigate through different stages. With the use of simple arrow buttons, users can scroll through the stages to find the one they need.

  Animated Checkpoints

WOS's animated checkpoints feature is a fun and creative tool that allows users to customize the appearance of checkpoints. With a variety of animation styles to choose from, including classic, spin, world, and color-only, users can tailor their checkpoints to match the look and feel of their game.

  Progress Bar

The progress bar is a simple feature that lets the user knows how close they are to completing an obby. If a user has completed 74 stages out of 100, the progress bar will be 74% to the end of the container.

  Stage Indicator

The stage indicator is a small but common feature in obbies. It simple creates an arrow above the next checkpoint that a player can see through walls so that they know where to go.


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Badges were always so annoying, giving badges to someone if they just touched a checkpoint. Even if they weren't alive, or were exploiting. Those days are far gone. Now, all you have to do is type the stage number, and then the BadgeID. It's really that simple, it takes longer to make the badge.

  Draggable Mobile Shiftlock

Mobile shiftlock was a blessing for all mobile players. Now, it's gotten even better. Mobile players have the luxury of dragging their shiftlock to any position they want.

  Chat Tags

You had to sift through broken models, bad colors, and find someone's UserID every time you just wanted a simple chat tag. Soon, that won't be necessary at all. Since WOS 0.8.3, you are be able to easily assign chat tags and colors via someone's UserID or their username.

  System Messages

Add some extra messages to the chat, promote whatever you want.

  Join And Leave

Let your players know when new people join the server, and when others leave. You can even set up exactly what it says.


Players can toggle shadows, blur, and hide the WOS UI. More settings are available for WOS Premium.

More features are available with WOS Premium.