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Stage Selector | Basic Features



This feature is supported in all versions and will not be removed.

The Stage Selector is a key part to most modern obby games. In WOS, it is pretty simple. It can also have a few extra features.


The Stage Selector has 4 buttons, and 1 textbox. A player can press the back arrow to go back a stage, and the forward arrow to go ahead one stage, but only if they have already reached that stage. A player can also go down and back 10 stages using the double arrows in kind. If they attempt to go forward past a stage they have not reached yet, they will teleport to the lobby. This is a nifty shortcut too. Players can also go to a specific stage they've reached by clicking on the number in the stage selector and typing their desired stage.

Console Support

Console support for this feature is very minimal, but usable. Console users have the option to enter what stage they want to go to by simply clicking the one number in the Stage Selector entering the stage they want to go to.

More features are available with WOS Premium